Spin Cave


The Spin Cave sessions is the place to be if you are looking to maintain and or improve your level of fitness or performance. Our classes progress through a number of weeks during the off-season. You’re going to love our spin classes.

If you would like to experience the “Spin Cave” Give Coach Wayne a call at (416) 721-0906 or by email at CoachWayneHenry@gmail.com

For the more serious or competitive cyclist who is looking to improve on strength, power, and speed, we suggest a personal assessment with Coach Wayne. The test will determine your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). You will learn about your heart rate and the importance of training in the different zones.
Based on the results of your assessment, a personal program can be designed to help you attain your full potential.

To book your evaluation appointment with Coach Wayne, call him at (416) 721-0906 or by email at CoachWayneHenry@gmail.com


Road bike; Towel; 2 water bottles; snack; HR monitor; positive attitude


Certified coaching; Friendly and inspirational atmosphere; great music to dance on the pedals; lots of heavy breathing and sweat; climate controlled environment; PAIN


Maintain health and enhance your cycling fitness with structured sessions geared to improve your strength, speed, power, v02 max, recovery, threshold and climbing abilities. All the factors necessary to have fun and improve your cycling.